Virtual Office


How Virtual Office Works

The Small Business Virtual Phone System

Our Vanity Toll Free Numbers & Digipon’s keep your Business connected and your customers engaged!

  • Vanity Toll Free Numbers keep your business on the brain and are easy to remember, giving your business that corporate image and Nationwide fell of large Fortune 500 Company.
  • Digipon’s are the easiest way to stay connected! Simple, Easy, and provide quick access your customers through your database, the most efficient and profitable way to market your Brand.
  • Virtual Office gives you all the tools you need to be successful!

Record your custom main greeting.

Your main greeting is the first thing a caller hears when calling your business. It's the voice of your Virtual Receptionist (aka Auto-Attendant or Auto-Receptionist). It professionally welcomes callers and routes them to any extension or phone.

As a bonus, we'll give your business a polished image with a FREE professional recording from our Voice Talent Studio. After all, first impressions are everything!

Add an unlimited number of department and employee extensions.

  • Give everyone on your team their own extension.
  • Create department extensions that ring multiple phones in any order.
  • Customize extensions to forward anywhere: home, office, or cell phones.

Sounds complicated?
No worries! We'll set you up!
You'll meet one-on-one with your USA-based Account Manager for a Free Setup Session. Your Account Manager customizes your call routing, extensions, and greetings to ensure you're up and running immediately!

Receive calls, voicemails & faxes anywhere.

Virtual Office works with your existing phones. Calls are routed to your team wherever they are, at home, the office, or on the go. With unlimited extensions, voicemails, and call handling, your customers will never hear a busy signal again.
  • Customize extensions to forward anywhere: home, office, or cell phones.
  • Create department extensions that ring multiple phones in any order.
  • Easily manage everything by phone or online 24/7.

What Makes Virtual Office so AWESOME?

It's Trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs, home business owners, freelancers and small business professionals everyday!

We Make Setup Easy

You'll meet with your personal Account Manager who will customize, configure, and set up your greetings, extensions, and voicemails for you, at no extra cost. With 1-844-WHO IS IT, you're never on your own.

No Equipment Needed

Virtual Office works with your existing phones. There's no hardware to maintain or software to install.

Know Who's Calling

You'll know it's a customer calling, so you can answer professionally or send the caller straight to your company voicemail.

Manage Everything by Phone or Online

You can manage your settings, preferences, extensions, messages, and call reports online or by phone 24/7. Since it's all in the cloud, any change you make is instantly applied!

Go Mobile & Stay Connected

Turn your smart phone into your business phone, so you can stay in synch with your business from anywhere!
  • Make outbound calls
  • Display your company's caller ID.
  • Receive messages & alerts.

Additional Services

All the Features Your Small Business Needs

Professional Phone System Features Designed for Small Businesses

How it Works

Choose a Vanity Number

Whether you’re a local small business wanting to benefit from the advantages of a Toll Free Vanity Numbers or a large Corporation wanting to run National or International Campaigns we here at 1-844-WHO-IS-IT have the right number for you that is sure to be remembered by your customers meaning more profits and more business.

Choose a Digipon

We all know text marketing is the fastest and easiest way to reach our customers today. Short Codes just aren’t memorable and too costly that’s where we come in providing you with memorable Textable Toll Free Digipon’s that can be sent right to your customers phone, fast, easy and profitable!

Choose a Package

Choose the package that’s right for your business. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a huge inbound call center we can provide you with a package that meets your needs today so you can start making more money tomorrow!

Choose Coverage Area

One you got your Toll Free Vanity Number, Digipon and Plan selected you can choose the coverage area for your numbers. You can choose your Local area, your State, National use so you have exclusive use in the United States or Canada and International use so you have the full use of the number Internationally! It’s up to you…

Choose your additional Services

Take a look at and select from our additional Services such as Merchant Processing, Web Design, Biz ads, Slogan’s, Social Media Management & More, all in one easy to manage location so you can spend your time focusing on your customers and your family.

Personal Account Manager

Once you finish the other steps just sit back and wait for your personal management team to contact you and get you set up with your online tools so you can start getting to business and crushing the competition!

Additional Services

Merchant Services

With 1-844-WHO-IS-IT you can get guaranteed lowest rate Merchant Processing and also get valuable discounts for singing up. This helps you keep all your business needs in one easy to manage location.

Web Design & Artwork

At 1-844-WHO-IS-IT we provide all the professional web designs, Biz Cards, Billboards, Logo’s and other designs your business needs to have the professional image it needs to be successful and keep your customers coming back for more.

Social Media

We can handle managing your Social Marketing needs and give you more time to focus on your business. With our Social Media Management packages you’re sure to get the word out and keep the customers engaged and coming back over and over again.


We can provide your company with top notch Slogans and Catch phrases sure to keep you in the minds of your Customers, as here at 1-844-WHO-IS-IT we deliver “True Direct to Brain” Marketing Campaigns.

Brand Consultation

Looking for advice on how to Brand, grow and maximize your Business success? Let one our professional Branding Consultants help you today.

Virtual Office

Virtual Receptionist

Your Virtual Receptionist (also called an auto-attendant or auto-receptionist) welcomes callers and directs them to departments, employees and information. It's completely customizable, and it makes your business sound like professional company.

Custom Main Greeting

"Thank you for calling 1-844-YOUR-BIZ.... for sales, press 1..." The main greeting is the voice of your Virtual Receptionist, the first thing callers hear. It welcomes callers and directs them to departments, employees and information. It's completely customizable, and it makes your business sound like a professional company.

Call Announcement

Hear the caller's phone number or name, the choice is yours. You'll know it's a customer calling your cell, so you can answer the call professionally or send them straight to your company voicemail.

Changeable Caller ID

You get the exact number of every single call you receive.

On-Hold Music and Ads

On-hold music or a custom message keeps your callers engaged while they are being forward or transferred to an extension. You can also upload a recording advertising your business's products and services.

Call Blocking

Easily block callers from being able to call your company line.

Dial By Name directory

Callers may access your company directory when they do not know a specific extension.

Unlimited Call Capacity

You can receive an unlimited number of simultaneous phone calls. Your customers will never hear a busy signal again.

Unlimited Extensions

Add as many employee and department extensions as you need to create a flexible structure to connect staff working from multiple locations.

Call Forwarding

With call forwarding, you and your employees can be reached on virtually any telephone in the world whether on your cell, in the office, or at home.

Business Tools

Voice Talent Studio

Sound Professional by having our Voice Talent Studio create your Business greeting and recordings in our full service Professional Voice Studio. With a professional voice over your system can sound just like the fortune 500 companies and it’s all included for FREE!

Voice Call Recordings

Have all your calls recorded to ensure your team is running smoothly. This can help you better train your team, understand your customers’ needs and provide other valuable data you need to keep the edge.

Send & Receive faxes

You can send and receive faxes as easy as you send and receive e-mails.

Online Management

You can easily access your personal dashboard from any browser with a secure username and password. Giving you control 24 hours a day! You can set up extensions or whatever you like fast, easy and simple.

Conference Calling

Coming Soon!

Outbound Caller ID

Your Virtual Office allows you to make outbound calls that display your company's caller ID.

Follow Me-Find Me

Use this advance call forwarding feature to connect up to three other phone lines, including home, mobile, or office numbers.

Voicemail to e-mail

Miss a call? Have your voicemails sent to your email inbox.

After Hours Mode

After Hour’s mode lets your callers hear your custom main greeting when you're open, and an alternate greeting after hours. You can customize your hours of business for every day of the week with a few mouse clicks.