How Digipon's Works

Choose your Toll Free Digipon

Browse through our vast selection of Toll Free Digipon’s and choose the perfect Digipon for your Brand. Any one of our Toll Free vanity numbers can be used as a Digipon.

Advertise your Digipon

Now that you have your Digipon start using it! You can start advertising your memorable Digipon number in all your campaigns; including print ads, billboards, websites, virtually everywhere you use advertising.

Customer text your Digipon

Once a customer text your Digipon they can receive a digital coupon right to their phone good at your location(s). Digipon’s can also be used to send customers other vital information such as Video Links, images, text information & more! You can also use Digipon numbers to run Voting Polls and contest.

Start promoting!

Once someone text your Digipon their number is logged into your database. At any time you can go send a mass text message to your customers informing them of upcoming sales, sending them digital coupons, Video links, whatever you want! Your customers are only a text away.

Text Marketing Statistics

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Examples of Some Digipon's