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Toll Free Numbers

What’s a Toll Free Number?

A Toll Free number is a number that means business and has an 8** meaning any double digit prefix such as 800-844-855-866-877-888.

Are all Toll Free prefixes the same?

YES! All Toll Free prefixes whether 800 or 844 all are the same thing, work the same way and can provide you all the same services.

What’s Shared Use?

Shared use is when two or more businesses share the same Toll Free Number and you don’t even know it! When a customer dials your phone number from any of the areas you have the rights to all those calls are geographically routed by satellite right to your business so you can cut the cost and still reap the benefits of have a Vanity Toll Free number and Digipon.

What does Tier mean?

A Tier determines the quality of a Vanity Number or Digipon, the higher the Tier the more valuable the number. Tiers can go from 1 to 5 with 1 being the least expensive and 5 the most expensive.


What’s a Digipon?

A Digipon is a Digital Coupon exclusive to 1-844-WHO-IS-IT that can be sent right to your phone! No need to go to websites, remember short codes, surf for deals and fight for your customers. The customer can simply Text your number like 1-844-Digipon and get a deal and because it’s so easy to remember they are sure to continue using it. You can also send other important information and communicate with your customers directly through Textnology.

How are Digipon’s better then Short Codes?

Easy, what’s the last Short Code you actually remember?

General Questions

Do you buy Toll Free Numbers?

The answer is NO as buying and selling Toll Free Numbers is Illegal. We will Lease or Manage the number for you and share in its profits or we can Lease your number with the right to port for a one time advance on the projected return on the number. Inquire with a Sales rep today and be sure to check out our Lease page for a list of numbers we are looking for.

Is my Toll Free Number good in Canada?

Yes! If you get an international package Your Toll Free number is good in ALL of the USA & Canada and we can even forward it and set it up to be good all over the world! Service depends on your needs and the area you have selected.


YES! Texting Toll Free is now possible and the main theme of our Digipon’s! We all know texting is the not only the fastest way to communicate with your customers it’s also the most preferred!